Ismail and Maddie’s top three tips for successful UCAS applications

The Access Project helps more students access top universities every year. 69% of our students placed at top universities in 2019/20. The 2022 UCAS deadline is fast approaching, so we asked our students about their top tips for successful UCAS applications.

Ismail and Maddie are on The Access Project and they are being tutored in Chemistry. Both Ismail and Maddie have applied to study Medicine at university. Here they are with their top three tips for a successful UCAS application.

Tip 1

Our first top tip for your UCAS application would be to start early.

For example, if your application is in January, start in September. This gives plenty of time for you to focus on your personal statement, your choices and universities.

Tip 2

Our second top tip for UCAS applications is to start your interview prep as soon as possible.

A lot of universities give you a one week notice for your interview slot, and starting early will mean that you’re better prepared and could perform better in the interview.

Tip 3

Our third and final top tip would be to utilise your friends.

Especially if they are applying for the same course. For example, both of us are applying for Medicine and most of our interview prep is with each other and with other medicine applicants.