Jahir’s group tutorials are making him more confident in class

Some of the students on our programme receive group tutorials to help them understand key subjects and prepare for the learning ahead. Students from various schools are tutored in small groups to allow them to focus on the areas that they find challenging. This is part of a pilot project to test if group tuition can raise attainment further.

“Thanks to my tutorials I am more prepared and I can be more confident and interactive in class”

Jahir has been on The Access Project for only a few months but he’s making the most of it: he is in the Medicine and Dentistry Society, and he’s signed up to become a Student Ambassador.

Jahir tells us that his tutorials have helped him boost his confidence. “The interactivity of my tutorials has been hugely helpful. It’s daunting to go online and talk to a tutor you have never met before. It prepares you for meeting people professionally.

“Sometimes we cover content as a recap for what I’ve already learned, and sometimes the content is new and we haven’t done it in class yet, therefore the tutorial functions to prepare and to consolidate content. Thanks to my tutorials I am more prepared and I can be more confident and interactive in class.”

Jahir’s tutorials work a little differently than for most of our students. Jahir gets group tutorials along with a small handful of other students online. “The one thing I like the most about the programme are the group tutorials. Our tutor regularly asks every individual in the group tutorial how we are doing. If we compare that to a normal class, the teacher can’t stop and ask 30 people. But in the group of 12 the tutor can stop and ask – once you’ve fully understood you then move on.”

“The role of the Student Ambassador is to help boost others in their journey on The Access Project”

The Access Project’s Medicine and Dentistry Society organises special events to help students navigate the challenges of applying for such degrees. Jahir joined recently because he wants to go into Medicine.

“I attended my first event very recently and it was very informative. We learned details about the application process, about applying for Medicine, the test and deadlines, and how to answer questions such as why you want to study Medicine. We even looked at what the daily life of a medical doctor or dentist looks like.”

Jahir has also signed up to be a Student Ambassador. Our Student Ambassadors work closely with our Programme Team to contribute to programme design, speak as representatives of our student body, and support their fellow students. “I decided to become a Student Ambassador because it combines many opportunities for development. Being a Student Ambassador broadens my skill set. If I want to develop specific skills, such as leadership, I can do that through the programme.’”

“Being successful in medical school means you have to sacrifice a lot”

Jahir dreams of going into Medicine and becoming a surgeon. “I am fascinated by the heart so I hope to become a heart surgeon, however it’s a long way and within the structure of your surgical training you can find out what you want to do later on.”

For Jahir, it will be important to strike a balance between his studies and his personal life. “I value my social life and I also value my passion so I would like to balance my studies with my social life. Being successful in medical school means you have to sacrifice a lot. If you want to keep on top of your medical studies, it can be difficult to maintain a good social life. Hopefully I can maintain a healthy balance between the two.”