Jumi dreams of studying sustainable fashion in New York

As Fashion Week draws to a close, we wanted to share this blog from Jumi, one of our students in London. Jumi is getting tutorials in Maths. She is very passionate about fashion sustainability and dreams of studying fashion in New York. We asked Jumi to write a short blog about her experience on The Access Project, and her hopes and dreams for the future.

Currently, I am in year 10, taking maths tutorials with my tutor with The Access Project. Last year, I wasn’t always serious about Maths at school. My grade was a 6, but that jumped to a 9 after just a few tutorials with my tutor.

My tutorials gave me an opportunity to prove to myself that I can do well at school. Not only has this programme helped me with my academic achievements, but also personal qualities such as communication and team collaboration.

The tutorials have also helped me in personal development such as social skills and speaking, which in my experience has really helped me. My University Access Officer has also helped me learn more about a University I hope to attend in a few years.

My aspirations for the future is to be able to study Maths, Biology, Geography and Economics for college, and further study at the Fashion Institute Of Technology University in New York!

One of the things that inspired me to study Fashion Business at a university outside of London, was how fashion is exposed in the real world. Based on the books I’ve read and documentaries I’ve watched, fashion is one of the major factors that influence global warming. Some of the world’s largest industries today use fast fashion as a way to produce products when almost 80% of unsold goods are burnt in order to sustain brand image!

These statistics have encouraged me to aim to go to the top fashion University, and to study a degree in fashion that will inspire me to create my own sustainable brand. I hope to also be working with many brands and companies in the making to be able to share experiences and make a difference in the world today.