The Access Project partners with Oxbridge Applications to get more of our students into Oxbridge

The Access Project will be partnering with Oxbridge Applications – the oldest Oxbridge consultancy in the world – to get more of our students into either Oxford or Cambridge. 

About Oxbridge Applications

Founded in 1999, Oxbridge Applications have given free, one-to-one support to thousands of students through partnerships, internal access programmes and direct partnerships with schools across the UK. They believe that students with the potential to apply to top universities should have access to the information and support to do so – and their partnership with us will enable them to make this vision a reality. 

Theo Boyce, Head of Oxbridge Applications, said: “We wanted to work with The Access Project because we admire the work they do, and we believe that our partnership will enable us to reach students who need support in the most direct, efficient, and well-managed way. The Access Project is a fantastic organisation, and we’re excited to see what we can achieve together.”

The partnership

As part of the partnership, students on our Oxbridge Society will be supported with their course choices, personal statements, admissions tests and interviews by experts from the Oxbridge Applications team

Nathan Sansom, Chief Executive of The Access Project, said: “It’s with much pride that we are partnering with Oxbridge Applications. This partnership will ensure that we can support more students in the near-future to achieve their full potential and secure places at top universities. We know that disadvantaged students who go to top universities quadruple their chances of becoming socially mobile – so Oxbridge Applications’ support here is incredibly important and life-changing.”

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