Rasmi’s parents are Maths teachers and that inspired her to tutor Maths

It is Volunteers’ Week from 1 to 7 June. We are celebrating our fantastic tutors for all they do to help young people from disadvantaged backgrounds get into top universities.

One such volunteer is Rasmi…

“My parents are Maths teachers and I grew up hearing them talk about the classroom,” Rasmi says. “Maybe that’s what inspired me to tutor Maths.”

Tutoring Maths

Rasmi has been tutoring with us since the first lockdown. “I came to the UK in 2019 and was looking for something to do that was remote. That’s when I found The Access Project.” 

She tutors Mariam in GCSE Maths. “Over time she has become a lot more hands on,” Rasmi explains. “She’s really started to take charge of our tutorials. These days she sends me past papers that she’s already filled in and we went through them together. She’ll say what she found difficult and I will help to explain to her.”

“A marked improvement”

Rasmi had tutored before – when she was studying in Singapore. But tutoring in the UK was quite different for her. “I had to familiarise myself with GCSEs as they are new to me,” she said. 

After two years of tutoring with Mariam, Rasmi feels very proud of all they have achieved together. “I’ve seen a marked improvement – what she once found difficult, she now finds much easier. I feel I’ve contributed to her improvement in Maths.”

Rasmi’s message to anyone contemplating signing up to volunteer is: “Do it!”

“Make sure you have the time and availability to commit. It’s a good opportunity to learn more about yourself and to support someone who would find your experience helpful. I would encourage anyone to go for it!”

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