Celebrating our volunteer tutors in 2022 on Volunteers’ Week

We couldn’t do the work that we do at The Access Project without our amazing volunteer tutors. That’s why on Volunteers’ Week 2022 we wanted to do a big display of affection and appreciation for everything that they do for our students.

Volunteer tutoring

Our 1,691 volunteer tutors give up one hour per week to tutor students from disadvantaged backgrounds at GCSE and A level. They each bring their own passions and expertise to their tutorials – and help to inspire the next generation of talent each and every week.

One of our favourite examples of how tutors can really make a huge difference is the story of Laila and her tutor. “I think we have an amazing relationship actually,” Laila told us, just days before she went to collect her GCSEs. Laila was tutored in Maths. “Before I met her [tutor] I was working at a grade 4. Now I’m working at grade 6 thanks to her. It was a shaky subject for me but she’s really built my confidence.” 

Laila got a grade 6 in Maths and has now gone to study her A levels at her first choice college.

Inspiring the next generation of talent

Students who go through our programme are twice as likely to secure a place at a top university, in comparison to statistically similar students. A large part of that is thanks to our volunteer tutors.

Our students love their tutorials. Every year we survey our students. Last year, respondents agreed that:

  • Tutors showed a good knowledge of their subject (99%)
  • Tutorials are helping them to make progress in their tutored subject (97%).

A special shout out to our corporate and university volunteers

We wanted to make a special shout out to our corporate and university partners.

That includes volunteers like Louise. She is the Responsible Business and Social Impact Partner at our corporate partner CMS. She’s been volunteering since November 2019 and said: “It was an opportunity to give back and knowing the firm was endorsing it made me want to do it even more.”

Our students are inspired by collaborating each week with professionals from our corporate partners. “It was amazing that someone so senior at Rothschild & Co took time out to help me with my Maths studies,” former student Ras.i told us. “I have gained an understanding of the working world, and how, if I work hard, I too can be successful like my tutors.”

Volunteers’ Week

Suzanne Janes, Director of Volunteering, said: “A huge thank you to our volunteers – past, present and future. It’s great that Volunteers’ Week gives us this opportunity to celebrate what we’ve achieved together. Volunteering with The Access Project is a fantastic way to give back – but, as we’re told so often, volunteers also gain so much from this experience. Whether it’s learning new things, revisiting a subject you are passionate about, or even seeing someone’s learning deepen over the course of your time together. If you’re looking for a new challenge and have an hour free – sign up now!”

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