Sixteen year old writing talent publishes his first novel

We shine a spotlight on talented student, Dylan Brennan, an up-and-coming writer who has just published his first novel at the tender age of 16

We speak to Dylan about his experiences of bringing his fantasy world to life in his novel, enrolling onto The Access Project programme, and his plans for the future.  

Noble Betrayed

Dylan’s book, Noble Betrayed, was published on 3 October by Amazon Pro Hub.

Dylan tells us,

“My book was inspired by my iron passion for the fantasy genre and my desire to keep myself occupied during quarantine. I chose to write this book to realise a dream that was dwelling deep in my mind for years. The book is aimed at fantasy lovers, particularly teenagers.

The novel revolves around the callous Lord Simon Pargion who is called by his old friend, the King Emannar Woodgairrd, to serve as High Earl in his Kingdom. However, a history of domestic abuse with his wife Gwendys comes back to haunt him, and the council unearths a plot to assassinate the King that turns the kingdom upside down, resulting in many a casualty.

Dylan and The Access Project

Dylan also talked to us about the support he has received from our programme,

“I joined The Access Project in 2019 when I was in Year 10 and I have continued to be a member since. I enrolled with The Access Project because I thought the tutoring would prove invaluable for my success with my GCSEs and A-Levels, and the university advice also greatly appealed to me.

My tutor Gareth was exceptional and helped me with English every step of the way. Without his incredible support I do not believe that I would have succeeded in English to the extent that I did.

My University Access Officers Beth and Marcella have made me much more aware of every opportunity that I can seize to make it much easier to find an excellent university to attend, and I am very thankful for their advice.”

And what’s next for Dylan?

“I plan on studying law at university while keeping my writing as a side career, and I believe that The Access Project’s advice is going to be a massive help with finally achieving all my dreams.”

How to buy Noble Betrayed

Dylan’s book, Noble Betrayed, is on sale on Amazon in hardback, paperback and Kindle edition. 

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