Student spotlight: “I dream of becoming an engineer”

Sofian is in his second year of The Access Project programme. “I joined The Access Project to push myself academically and to gain access to the resources that would help me get into the top universities in the world” Sofian tells us.

“My tutor and University Access Officer have been monumental in helping me develop the study skills and time management strategies that have led to a significant improvement in my grades

Sofian is now in Year 12 and is studying for his A Levels. He has been keen to take up all of the opportunities offered to him on our programme.

The Access Project has exposed me to a diverse range of opportunities and resources, for example: weekly enrichment lists, 1 to 1 meetings, workshops and many more that have helped me to clarify my career aspirations and to start working towards them.”

“I am confident that The Access Project will continue to be a valuable asset as I work towards achieving my goals”

Sofian has a keen interest in engineering and our programme is helping him to strive for this as a career.

“It has not only helped me to excel academically but also to nurture my passion for engineering. Through various programs and initiatives, The Access Project has provided me with hands-on experience and access to industry leaders in the field, which has further fueled my interest and motivated me to pursue a career in this field. The Access Project has been instrumental in helping me realise my potential and to work towards achieving my dream of becoming an engineer.

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