Our students: Breaking the Barriers

We love the opportunity to shout about the successes of our students, and today we’re showcasing the achievements of four Year 13 pupils from one of our partner schools. Sumayya, Swahiba, Marium and Mithila wanted to explore and discuss social barriers, and the Breaking the Barrier podcast was born!

If you’re looking for ambition, aptitude and drive, these Year 13 students have got it in abundance. Whilst busily studying for their A levels, they have found the time to develop a new podcast series, aiming to spread awareness of the personal barriers they and their peers face.

Breaking the Barrier is an opportunity for Sumayya, Swahiba, Marium and Mithila to share their personal experiences and the social barriers they face as part of their everyday lives, ranging from sexism to Islamophobia.

Swahiba explains: “As marginalised members of society, we, the Breaking the Barrier Team, have always been enthusiastic regarding the discussion of inequality, and so we decided to expand the reach of that discussion through a podcast!”

In each episode they will be defining a barrier and then discussing their experiences of that barrier, exploring family life, the school community and wider society.

Check out the trailer here:

Huge thanks to Sumayya, Swahiba, Marium and Mithila for sharing their experiences with us.

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