1,200 volunteers help The Access Project fight education inequality

The Access Project is recruiting new volunteers. We’re looking for motivated people with a love of learning to commit to one hour of online tuition per week with a young person studying for their GCSEs and A levels.

The Access Project homes more than 1,200 volunteers, tutoring more than 1,800 students in 39 schools across England. Together, our volunteers have dedicated more than 22,500 hours to our cause. They’re helping us fight educational inequality, raising young peoples’ grades and putting them on the path to success at a top UK university.

The proportion of the UK population who volunteer at least once a month has fallen in recent years. Volunteering numbers dipped in the wake of COVID-19 and are yet to fully recover. In 2019 – 2020, 23% of people volunteered once a month. But in 2021 – 2022, that figure has fallen to just 16%. Volunteers are needed now more than ever.

Volunteer satisfaction remains high. According to NCVO, 92% of people who volunteered through a group, club, or organisation were satisfied or very satisfied with their experience. The top motivating factor for people to engage with volunteer work is wanting to improve things or help people.

“Learning is one of the greatest joys and privileges in life, and teaching others to learn comes not far behind. Seeing your students succeed is so rewarding.”

Adam Fairhead, Volunteer Tutor at The Access Project

One in five people who hadn’t volunteered in the last 12 months said it was because they’ve never been asked.

Volunteers are integral to our mission. We’d like to extend our thanks to all our tutors. Without your help, our achievements wouldn’t be possible. 

This Volunteers’ Week, we’re encouraging sign ups to our programme. You could help change a young person’s life and put them on track to place at a top university. If you’re passionate about your specialist subject and can commit one hour of online tuition per week, we want to hear from you.

“It’s fantastic when you’re really enthusiastic about a subject to see a student slowly start to catch that enthusiasm”

Zoë Ashford, Volunteer Tutor at The Access Project

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