The Access Project students elated with grades on A level results day

A level results day has arrived. For students across the UK, Thursday 17 August marks the day they find out their grades, and for many, their next steps in life. At The Access Project, we’re celebrating with our students as they discover their A level grades and their university destinations. 

Today, we’re sharing stories from four of our students who placed at top UK universities this A level results day.

Nabid, student at The Access Project


Received: A*A*A*
Destination: Physics at University of Warwick

Nabid joined The Access Project in 2019. This year, he attended 25 one-to-one Physics tutorials with his matched tutor, working hard to prepare for his summer exams.

Nabid, from the West Midlands, is headed to university following an outstanding achievement in his A levels. He will study Physics at the University of Warwick, one of the UK’s top universities.

On results day, Nabid was ecstatic to discover that he had achieved three A* grades.

During his studies, Nabid was also awarded the R&Co4Generations Bursary. As part of its partnership with The Access Project, Rothschild & Co. awards a number of students who are moving away from home with a sum of £6,000 a year towards each year of their degree course to help with living costs.

Georgina, student at The Access Project


Received: A*A*A*A*
Destination: Natural Sciences at Cambridge University

Georgina was awarded four A* grades in her A level exams which means she is now able to achieve her dream of studying Natural Sciences at Cambridge University.

Georgina is from Lancashire and was one of the first students to enrol with The Access Project in autumn 2022 when we developed our new programme in the north west in partnership with the Queen’s College, Oxford.

Georgina applied to The Access Project because she was seeking additional support with her Maths and took part in over 20 small group online tutorial sessions with one of our group tutors, Simon.

With help from Sam, her University Access Officer, Georgina submitted her UCAS application and received a total of five university offers for science-related subjects, including an offer from the University of Cambridge. This is a phenomenal achievement.

Georgina said: “I’m really happy all my hard work has paid off and I can finally do what I wanted to do.”


Received: A*AA
Destination: Medicine at University of Edinburgh

On results day, Amelia was delighted to have been awarded two A grades and one A* grade in her A level exams, which means she is off to study Medicine at the University of Edinburgh.

Amelia enrolled on our programme in the north west, in partnership with the Queen’s College, Oxford, in the autumn of 2022. Amelia dreams of becoming a GP and she joined The Access Project to support her with her academic studies, recognising how competitive it is to go on to study Medicine at a top university.

Amelia was paired with her tutor, Daidria, who helped enhance her understanding of Chemistry following disruption to Amelia’s learning of that subject in the previous year.

Following the support of Daidria and Amelia’s University Access Officer, Sam, Amelia received three offers to study Medicine or Biomedical Science, eventually deciding upon her chosen course at the University of Edinburgh.

Amelia said: “I am ecstatic, I can’t believe it. I’m so happy.”

George, student at The Access Project


Received: ABB
Destination: Philosophy, Politics and Economics at University College Oxford

George received one A grade and two B grades on A level results day, securing his firm choice course at University College, Oxford. He’ll be studying Philosophy, Politics and Economics this September.

George joined The Access Project in 2021 and has worked hard to enhance his Economics skills with help from his tutor. He also attended enrichment activities hosted by The Access Project, including a visit to the University of Oxford, helping him discover more about future learning pathways.

George said: “It’s been a really great experience, just having that support system, having someone that you can ask questions and having a tutor for a similar reasons”.

He added: “The safety net is really nice, as well as the structure: personal statements, course choices and university choices. I always felt like I had support and someone to talk things over with.”

Like Nabid, George received the R&Co4Generations bursary, which will help him with living costs throughout his studies.

Amelia, Nabid, Georgina and George are four of more than 1,800 students who took part in The Access Project’s programmes this year. Students who study with The Access Project are almost twice as likely to place at top UK universities in comparison to statistically similar peers. One hour of volunteering per week can put a student from a disadvantaged background on track to a good education, giving them the best chance at social mobility.

The Access Project combats educational inequality through widening participation programmes, offering tutoring, mentoring and enrichment opportunities. We empower under-resourced young people to realise their full potential.

Around 25% of our programme is paid for by schools. The rest is funded by university partners, corporate sponsorships, and donations from people like you. Your donation to The Access Project will give students the chance to thrive.

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