Celebrating GCSE Results Day 2023

GCSE Results Day is finally upon us. Today, thousands of students across the country will visit their schools to open their GCSE results. After celebrating the success of our A level students last week, The Access Project is celebrating with our Year 11 students and thanking our volunteer tutors for their hard work and dedication this year.

In addition to our partner A level sixth forms and colleges, The Access Project works with more than ten Key Stage 4 schools to offer tuition and mentorship to Year 10 and Year 11 students. This gives the students an opportunity to boost their GCSE grades and helps them understand their potential pathways to university.

Joseph, based in Lancashire, gained a 9 in his Chemistry GCSE following support in Year 11 from his tutor, Jane.

“I believe The Access Project really helped me organize my revision in the subjects I have chosen. You can choose your own subject, and I think that really helps, and you can apply what you have learned to different subjects.”

He added: “My tutor helped me in more than Chemistry; she gave me tips and tricks for how to plan, which aided with other subjects too”.

Emmanuel, from London, wanted to thank his tutor, Glen.

“The past year and a half with Glen has been incredibly enriching and I am grateful for his efforts and support. Thank you, Glen, for everything you have taught me and for making my journey in French enjoyable.”

Another Year 11 student from London, Lorenzo, is similarly thankful for his tutor, Vincent.

“I just wanted to thank Vincent for all of the support he gave me during these tutorials. He was extremely helpful, and made me appreciate geography even more. He was always so attentive to all the things going on around me, always making references to Computer Science and Maths. I cannot thank him enough for his hard work and sheer dedication.”

Chloe, from Lancashire, was tutored in English by her tutor, Gulcan.

“I’m so happy with my result in English Language. I’m thankful to my tutor who managed to boost me 3 grades this year.”

Mariam is now in Year 12 and enrolled on The Access Project in 2021. Prior to her GCSEs she received Maths tuition from her tutor, Chris, and is subsequently receiving support with Spanish from her tutor, Beth.

“In GCSE Maths, I started the year with a 4 but eventually achieved a 7. The Access Project is very helpful, and the tutors you pick out are very engaging.”

We’re extremely proud of all our students and we’re excited to see what the future holds for our Year 11s receiving results today.

Joseph, Emmanuel, Lorenzo, Chloe and Mariam are just five of more than 1,800 students who took part in The Access Project’s programmes this year. Students who study with The Access Project are almost twice as likely to place at top UK universities in comparison to statistically similar peers. One hour of volunteering per week can put a student from a disadvantaged background on track to a good education, giving them the best chance at social mobility.

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