Volunteer tutoring opportunities – “Seeing your students succeed is so rewarding”

Looking to give back to a good cause? The Access Project is recruiting volunteer tutors to help young people boost their grades and achieve their dreams. Today, we’re sharing the story of Adam, a volunteer tutor who joined The Access Project in 2020.

Adam is one of more than 1,200 volunteer tutors, helping transform young peoples’ lives and put them on the pathway to educational success. He volunteers for one hour per week, tutoring A level Maths.

Adam studied Mathematics at the University of Oxford in the 1970s. He saw volunteer tutoring as an opportunity to share his knowledge. Since joining The Access Project, he has utilised his degree in a practical setting for the first time.

Now, he’s helping the young people he tutors secure brighter futures as he mentors students through Oxbridge applications. “That has involved subject tasters, exam prep, and interview prep”, he told us.

But Adam’s volunteer tutoring mission goes beyond statistics. His goal is for young people to fall in love with learning. “I believe that learning is one of the greatest joys and privileges in life, and teaching someone to learn comes not far behind”, he said. “Seeing your students succeed is so rewarding”.

Volunteers like Adam are integral to the success of The Access Project. With Adam’s help, we’re achieving our mission to fight education inequality and increase young peoples’ chances of placing at a top university.

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