Bouncing back from health struggles – “The Access Project has helped me gain my confidence back”

Imaani joined The Access Project in 2022, during a crucial time in her life.

Having missed three years of school due to ongoing health issues that required frequent hospital stays, Imaani found herself in a challenging situation that put her education in jeopardy.

Before joining The Access Project, she was trying to keep up with her studies alone. Imaani explained: “I was having to teach myself alone and I felt that I had no support from my school. I needed help to achieve my future goals”.

“This was really affecting my mental health”, she added.

Tutoring support for GCSE students

Imaani’s education journey took a positive turn when she was paired with her tutor, Rabiha.

Imaani said: “My tutor has supported me in so many ways. She is aware of my health and has always been flexible with me on the timings of my tutorials. She would always try to fit a time in for me that suited and has also done double hours so that I didn’t fall behind”.

“She has always supported and reassured me that it will be ok,” Imaani shares.

Rabiha’s support extended beyond academic assistance. Imaani and her tutor’s relationship is built on trust and open communication, creating an environment in which Imaani feels comfortable to ask for guidance, advice, and patience.

Imaani said: “My tutor hasn’t just been a tutor to me. She is someone that I look up to and seek guidance from and advice on anything, like college or my GCSEs. She has been supportive of my decisions and has always helped me in many ways with my future life goals”.

Enrichment for GCSE students with The Access Projects

Being part of The Access Project transformed Imaani’s education outlook. Now, Imaani dreams of becoming a doctor and building a career in healthcare.

She said: “The Access Project has helped me in many ways. Just being in the programme and receiving support has helped me improve. I have felt doubted by many teachers as I have missed school a lot due to my health, but the support I have received through The Access Project has helped me gain my confidence back. It has helped me with my goals, college applications, and my grades”.

Alongside academic tutoring, Imaani also received valuable enrichment opportunities from The Access Project. As part of our programme, she attended Unifest and Medic Mentor conferences. Imaani said: “The programme had a lot to offer and sent me a lot of opportunities outside of school to support me in many ways”.

Reflecting on her experience, Imaani expresses profound gratitude for the impact The Access Project has had on her life.

She explained: “One thing I am so grateful for and appreciate the programme for is my grades improving a lot. As a student who has had to study alone and teach herself constantly in hospitals even throughout Year 10 and Year 11, the programme gave me a tutor who not only taught me academically but also helped me mentally and helped me gain my confidence back. I used to be a quiet, ‘not confident’ girl, and being in this programme has changed me in so many ways for the better, and I will forever be grateful”.

Imaani’s story is a testament to the power of dedicated support and the life-changing impact of The Access Project.

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