Volunteer tutors

We are indebted to the community of over 1,000 volunteers who provide one-to-one tuition to students on our programme. Without you, our work wouldn’t be possible.

To support you during your time as a volunteer tutor with us, we’ve gathered together some useful resources and guidance.

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Before you start

Have you done the following?

  • Two character references confirmed
  • Completed online safeguarding course Level 1
  • Attended 2.5-hour interactive tutor training session
  • Completed DBS check (enhanced child workforce certificate)

Ready to tutor

  • We will send you a confirmation email once you’ve completed all the required steps and are now ready to tutor.
  • You’ll be invited to join our volunteer portal, where you can ask questions, share resources and connect with fellow volunteers.

Matching with a student

  • You can tutor in a subject if you have a qualification above the level you’re supporting. For instance, if you have a degree in a particular subject, you can tutor this subject at A level. If you have an A level (or equivalent) in that subject, you can support it at GCSE.
  • The main matching period is from September to the end of the calendar year. Some replacement matches will be made throughout the academic year.

How does volunteer tutoring with The Access Project work?

  • Our volunteer tuition takes place on a one-to-one basis. Each week you’ll hold a one-hour tutorial with at least 30 minutes of preparation time.
  • Tutoring has the biggest impact when students reach 20 tutorials in an academic year. We therefore ask that volunteers commit to tutoring for the full academic year (September to July). Tutorials will take place each week during term time and, where possible, we encourage tutorials to continue over half-term with the exception of the winter break.
  • Your tutorials will be held online using our dedicated online tutoring platform. It’s best to deliver your sessions in a quiet, neutral space where you won’t be disturbed. You’ll get your login details for the platform when you are matched with a student.


Useful resources and FAQs for tutors with The Access Project.


Do you have a question? Here’s where you can go for help.

Volunteer policies and safeguarding

We want to ensure that our volunteers are equipped with all the information they need in order to be the best volunteers they can be. We also want to ensure that we are a safe space for all we work with. Take a look at our policies below which have been created to support you in your role as a volunteer tutor. Any questions? Get in touch with the volunteering team.

Not currently a volunteer tutor with us?

We’re looking for volunteer tutors for the next academic year. Find out more about what’s involved and how to sign up.

“Having watched my students develop, it gives them such a sense of achievement and it’s wonderful to see. When you get that lightbulb moment and you know they’ve got it, that’s a great feeling.”

Diana, volunteer tutor with The Access Project

Group tutors

As we embed group tuition into our programmes, we are fortunate to have built up a pool of experienced tutors to support our students in a range of academic subjects.

We have developed a range of resources and guidance to help you in your role in order to provide the best experience for both you and your student during these tutorial sessions.

Expanding our reach

By introducing group tuition into our programmes, we are able to provide academic support to growing numbers of students. This year we have worked with over 750 students across twelve subjects in group tutorials, and we are planning to expand our reach to even more students in the 2024/25 academic year.

How does group tuition work?

As part of our team of passionate and qualified A level tutors, you will deliver tutorials to groups of two to four students who have applied to receive tuition in your specialist subject.

Tutorials are delivered weekly via our bespoke online platform. Each group will have 24 tutorials across the year.

“My tutorials gave me an opportunity to prove to myself that I can do well at school. Not only has this programme helped me with my academic achievements, but also personal qualities such as communication and team collaboration.”

Jumi, a student at The Access Project


As a group tutor, your most important resource is your group tutor handbook. All group tutors will receive a copy of this handbook when commencing their contract with The Access Project.

We offer tutors access to Kerboodle. Kerboodle hosts a wide range of resources to help you plan and deliver your tutorials. You will have access to digital textbooks, worksheets, topic checklists, lesson plans, past papers and quizzes. If you want to request Kerboodle access for any of your students, please email grouptuition@theaccessproject.org.uk with their full name(s) and email address(es).


Looking for some guidance? Help is at hand. Here’s who you can contact for further support.


The safety and wellbeing of the children and young people enrolled on our programmes is of paramount importance to us. We are committed to ensuring that all children who are involved with our activities are kept safe from harm and are cared for with the utmost professionalism and integrity.

Before you start tutoring with us, you’ll need to complete your online safeguarding module.

You can read more about our commitment to safeguarding and download our policy below.

Not currently a group tutor with us?

We are hiring group tutor contractors for various subjects. Interested? Take a look at the information below.

“My students are keen learners who actively engage in our lessons. They are well prepared and motivated to excel, asking questions and giving well thought out responses. I am thoroughly enjoying the tutorials and the conversations we have about all things Chemistry! I would recommend tutoring with The Access Project with no hesitation!”

Amjad, Chemistry group tutor with The Access Project