Volunteer tutors

Volunteering is an impactful way to make a difference and pay forward your experience.

Help a young person aged 14-16 to raise their GCSE grades in weekly one-to-one online tuition sessions in a subject of your choice, enabling them to grow in confidence, raise their aspirations and achieve their full potential.

What’s more, no previous experience is needed and we offer full training and ongoing support.

The Access Project relies on volunteers to fulfil our mission of supporting young people to attend top universities and achieve social mobility.

Volunteers have never been more needed. The most under-resourced young people in England are three times less likely to go to a top university in comparison to their peers from more privileged backgrounds. Inequality in the UK’s education system continues to grow throughout the cost of living crisis.

91% of our students come from the most under-resourced backgrounds. This means they may come from lower income families and have no family history of attending university.

We’re lucky to have over 1,000 volunteers based all over the country. Many have used tutoring as an opportunity to grow their skills, while others see it as an opportunity to give back to a good cause. You’ll get dedicated support from our staff team at The Access Project, and you’ll feel an immense sense of reward as you help a young person learn and grow.

Meet our volunteers

Sonia is one of more than 1,000 volunteer tutors, helping transform young peoples’ lives and put them on the pathway to educational success. She volunteers for one hour per week, tutoring history.

Sonia studies History at Queen Mary, University of London. “It is extremely rewarding to be able to teach something that you specialise in”, she said. “It has been a wonderful experience”.

“I have definitely become more confident in myself and my abilities. It’s kind of like public speaking, the more you do it the less daunting it becomes and it’s now something I look forward to every week. It’s an amazing feeling to know you’ve helped someone. I would recommend it to anyone”.

Milly, volunteer tutor at The Access Project and student at the University of Manchester

Why our volunteer tutors love to support The Access Project

Adam (left) is a volunteer tutor at The Access Project. He tutors A level Maths for one hour per week, and has described feeling an immense sense of reward by helping his students succeed. Since joining The Access Project, Adam has been able to use his Maths degree in a practical, meaningful way for the first time.

“Learning is one of the greatest joys and privileges in life, and teaching someone to learn comes not far behind.”

The Access Project volunteer tutor Adam